Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pallbearers and cell phones

So I was officiating at a funeral earlier this afternoon--my second this weekend. I think it was during the invocation that the cell phone started ringing. The owner of the loudly ringing phone seemed to be in no hurry to get his hands on the thing.

It turns out that the phone belonged to a young man on the front row serving as a pallbearer. The ringing continued through the prayer and just as Terri, my wife and the Music Minister, stepped up to the microphone to sing "How Great Thou Art" the young man with the phone could be heard saying, "Hello."

That's right, he took the call.

This is a first for me. Oh, I have heard cell phones ring and pagers go off during worship services more times than I can count --even during funeral services. On numerous occasions I have seen worshippers take a call during a service. But never before have I been leading a funeral service when a pallbearer not only gets a call, but takes it.

What's your most shocking or maddening or embarrassing cell phone moment?

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