Friday, December 21, 2007

Melissa's missions metamorphosis

Melissa didn't want to go. She griped and complained and whined and begged. Her parents made her go anyway.

Last weekend the youth group of our church went to an ocean front house on Holden Beach on Friday evening. Late into the night they baked Christmas goodies, many made with "no sugar added" recipes. After the cookies and other treats were prepared they were packed away into decorative holiday tins.

On Saturday and again on Sunday, after church services, the youth with their leaders, went out in the church van and delivered the goodies to area shut-ins. The recipients of these gifts were most appreciative--a couple of them were moved to tears.

All of the youth had a great time with this project, including Melissa who desperately did not want to participate beforehand. After it was over she gushed to her parents about what a wonderful time she had and how the youth had decided to extend to operation next Christmas--a plan that Melissa supports. Melissa's father looked at her quizzically and asked if this was the same Melissa that pleaded with him not to go in the days leading up to the event.

I wonder how often we grown-ups do not wish to invest the time and effort into hands-on mission activities. We don't have time. We have other things that we must (read "want to") do. Sorry, just can't right now.

Too bad our parents can't make us go anymore. If we were to get involved and get exposed to the joy of helping others we may undergo the same missions metamorphosis that Melissa did.

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