Monday, January 20, 2014

Calling attention to Jesus

In the sermon that I preached yesterday I mentioned a story that pastor and author Rob Bell told about a man that he called Bullhorn Guy. Bell and some of his friends were in the midst of a crowd of people walking toward a concert hall to hear a band. As they approached the venue, Bell could hear a man yelling angrily through a bullhorn. As they got closer, Bell heard the man yelling words like sin, burn, hell, repent, and Jesus. No one was pausing to hear more of what Bullhorn Guy had to say and no one was taking the pamphlets that he was trying to distribute.

Bell said that he wanted to tell that man, "Bullhorn Guy, I don't think it's working ... I actually think it's making things worse."

I agree that Bullhorn Guy's method of calling attention to Jesus is most likely counterproductive in our culture. But it's pretty easy to tell Bullhorn Guy that the way he calls attention to Jesus is probably a really bad idea. A good question for Christ-followers is this: What are we doing to call attention to Jesus?

We can't just stop at telling Bullhorn Guy that his method stinks. We need to make sure that we are dedicated to calling attention to Jesus in loving, Spirit-led ways.

After all, we do consider Jesus worthy of calling attention to, don't we?

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