Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drafty tents in a season in which we remember a drafty stable

Does it ever seem to you that there are too things many that we should care about? There are so many needs, so many heart-breaking situations in our world, that it just becomes overwhelming at times. One of the circumstances that has captured my attention of late is the plight of Syrian refugees who have fled their country to escape a bloody civil war. 

I read an article a couple of days ago that told of a Syrian mother of seven named Aisha. They all live in one tent in Lebanon. They had just received a wood burning stove and some fuel for it. Aisha claims that she and her family would soon have frozen to death without the stove. They are but eight of the more than two million Syrian refugees living in neighboring countries. Many are ill-clad with little food and living under pieces of canvas or plastic trying to survive the frigid Lebanese winter. 

In a season in which we mark the time that God gave everything to help a world of people in need, shouldn't we make some effort to remember people like Aisha and her children? It's a good thing to gather with family and friends in warm places in this season and to enjoy fellowship together. Truly, this is a good thing. But as we remember a baby born in a drafty stable, shouldn't we also remember families huddled in drafty tents along the borders surrounding Syria?

It's really not that far from Bethlehem to Lebanon.

There are numerous reputable aid organizations helping Syrian refugees.  

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