Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Impressions of the First Session of the New Baptist Covenant

I got back to the hotel after the first session of the New Baptist Covenant shortly before 11 p.m., answered a few emails, and now here I am. It is late and I am tired. Just a few first impressions, briefly:

1. The session tonight was wonderful. It was so exciting to go to such a large and diverse gathering of Baptists who all appeared eager to be "one" in Christ. The preaching, speaking and music were all great too.
2. The shuttle system for getting participants to and from the convocation site really stinks. I am thankful for friends who helped get me back tonight. I plan to walk the 1.1 miles from the hotel to the Georgia World Congress Center tomorrow even though it is supposed to be 29 degrees here in the morning.
3. I am really, really glad I came. The words of Bill Underwood, William Shaw and President Carter tonight were worth the trip.

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