Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baptist news on the web

Since I am a Baptist pastor and since I promoted this blog to members of the church I serve, a few family members (who are Baptist), and one other friend (who is Baptist) I'm thinking that mostly Baptists are reading this. So, you web savvy Baptists, among the spots you visit on the World Wide Web, do you ever check out web sources for Baptist news? Let me point you in the direction of the Baptist news web pages that I check out regularly.

Baptists Today features "Daily News from around the World" that may be of interest to Baptists and the thought provoking blogs of Tony Cartledge and John Pierce along with editorials from Baptist thinkers.

Associated Baptist Press (ABP) is "the nation’s first and only independent news service created by and for Baptists." Besides Baptist news this page includes religious "news elsewhere" and opinion pieces from David Gushee. is the web page of the Baptist Center for Ethics. Here you will find numerous news items along with interesting columns and other resources as well.

Of course the Biblical Recorder is the news journal of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina with which many reading this blog will be familiar.

Check out these web pages. Think about creating a "Baptist News" folder in your "favorites" and include the links above.

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